“Within each piece of technology is the union of electrical flow and language.”

From time to time the electrical path can become cut or the language corrupts,
it’s good to know there is someone who understands it all and have you back on the road in no time.

Adapting to changing environment!

Back in 2009 I opened my business as Russel’s Computer Services offering support to residential customers, the following year as the business began to rapidly grow and I started taking on business customers I wanted to come up with a more formal name and PC Generation was registered.

Over the next couple of years I grew the business at a rapid rate focusing on not just my knowledge so that I could fix jobs faster but also focusing on the systems of the business so that I was able to run a business and work in it too ensuring that I could put the customers problems first.

With over a decade of trading you can imagine the changes in my industry, Apple had only just released it’s first iPhone 18months prior and Apple was very much still in the shadows compared to today, NBN rolled out, the cloud happened I opened the business name to The IT Workshop.

I set myself the “CHALLENGE”.
1. Keep adapting to the changes.
2. Make it simple for my customers.
3. To be gentle to the colleagues/friends/family that I’ve been referred too.

Russel Duncan

Russel, Computer Tech

  • Over 3000 Customers
  • 22 Years Industry Knowledge
  • Trained In Customer Service
  • Local Business

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Study electronics (former) Carine TAFE
and even further back again, I remember how I loved the challenge of Lego not so much the what I was building, but having that big mountain of random Lego pieces and how quickly I could find all the pieces needed. This developed into electronics and my neighbour introducing me to programming.

Ones thing for sure it is a glove that has fitted very well.

Making of a business
It did not occur to me once in my past that I should slip into the role of a computer tech. To me I was just the guy who fixed electronics when it broke coz I knew how to and when friends had small businesses and they needed databases building or websites I would lose my mind like a dog who’s waiting for the stick to chucked so I could chase it. One day I got referred to one of those business friends customers and they were telling me about how rubbish the computer tech they had been using was.

It was the day I decided to become a computer tech..

Keep on, keeping on..
After nearly a decade of servicing my customers IT needs I am still adapting and very much enjoying what I do. Computers are everywhere and going out the road I am never sure what room I am going to working, households, offices, factory floors, server rooms and remote support can be local, country, interstate and at time overseas.